Product announcement
Gold Nanoparticles - Carboxyl Functionalized -

After an extensive period of product research and stability tests we are proud to announce the introduction of a series of Carboxyl-functionalized Gold Nanoparticles.
This product has been developed to facilitate conjugating gold nanoparticles to molecules that cannot be conjugated via the classic direct adsorption method. The product is especially suited for covalent conjugation of small ligands.
- carboxyl (-COOH) functionalized
- particle sizes 6-10-15 and 25nm
- bind to primary amino amines in target molecule
- conjugation using EDC/sulfo-NHS chemistry

- recommended for conjugation of small ligands
- detailed conjugation protocol
- ready to use,
long term stability
Aurion Gold Nanoparticles - Carboxyl Functionalized - are polyethylene glycol-carboxyl stabilized gold nanoparticle solutions based on defined particle sizes of 6, 10, 15 and 25nm. They are prepared using in-house developed production protocols giving the product the well known Aurion quality: narrow size distribution combined with long lasting functionalization. Biomolecules with a primary amine available can be covalently conjugated using well established EDC/sulfo-NHS chemistry.

Aurion Gold Nanoparticles - Carboxyl Functionalized - are ready to use and will be supplied in 4 vials to facilitate small volume conjugations with reduced risk of reagent contamination. Detailed instructions for covalent conjugation, purification and evaluation are described in the package insert.
AURION Gold Nanoparticles - Carboxyl Functionalized - are supplied in 10mM MES buffer, pH 5.0.
Package size: 4 x 5ml at OD520nm = 1.0.
This product has a guaranteed shelf life of 12 months from the date of quality control analysis.
Store at 4-8°C.
Product will be available as from August 1, 2018.
The introduction date of AURION Gold Nanoparticles - Carboxyl Functionalized - is September 3, 2018

More data can be found on the Aurion website, in particular on the
A newsletter will be available that illustrates applications of this new product.
This newsletter as well as product information and an updated price list will be send in a separate e-mail.
We trust we serve the immuno-EM community with a high quality new reagent that will expand the application possibilities of gold labels. The newly developed product fits perfectly in the existing program of Aurion reagents and combines with all our auxilliary reagents such as Aurion BSA-c,
Blocking Solutions, R-GENT SE-EM and SE-LM.

Kind regards,
Peter van de Plas

How to order:
406.133  Gold Nanoparticles   6nm -Carboxyl Functionalized-, 4x5ml
410.133  Gold Nanoparticles 10nm -Carboxyl Functionalized-, 4x5ml
415.133  Gold Nanoparticles 15nm -Carboxyl Functionalized-, 4x5ml
425.133  Gold Nanoparticles 25nm -Carboxyl Functionalized-, 4x5ml


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