To stabilise and improve spermatozoa cryopreservation results and in vitro fertilization rates for laboratory mice FERTIUP Cryoprotectant, FERTIUP Preincubation Medium, CARD MEDIUM Mouse Fertilization Medium
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Feature and Advantages:
*High fertilization rate (over 80%)
*Improvements in the management of genetically modified mice (Tg/KO)
*Reduction in labor, facilities, and breeding cost.
*Reduction in time required to expand a mouse colony
*Efficient production of strains which are notoriously difficult to breed

Figure: Fertilization rates using frozen-thawed sperm with FERTIUP® and with FERTIUP® and CARD MEDIUM®

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CARD HyperOva
CARD HyperOva® (Japanese Patent No. 5927588) is an ultra-superovulation reage nt that induces ovulation at higher efficiency when compared with the conventional superovulation induction me thod (PMSG-hCG method). following the conventional method, we were only able to obtain approximately 20 ova per mouse (C57BL/6J) on average; using CARD HyperOva® , however, we can obtain as many as 3-4 times more ova.

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Card Cold Transport Kit
The CARD Cold Transport Kit is specially-designed for cheap, safe transport of mouse cauda epididymides and embryos at cold temperatures. The CARD Cold Transport Kit allows users to reduce transport cost of live mice while also eliminating the risk of mouse fatalities or escapes during transport. Users can also prevent the transmission of pathogens using the CARD Cold Transport Kit.

1. The CARD Cold Transport Kit uses a three-layer system (cold packs, thermos bottle, foam transport box) to ensure that the contents remain at a constant temperature.
2. The CARD Cold Transport Kit is designed so that the cold packs, thermos bottle, foam transport box and the sample can be transported while fit snugly. This prevents saccadic movement during transport, thus ensuring the safe transport of your samples.

FERTIUP® & CARD MEDIUM® Peripheral Products
Various accesorries are required for procedures to freeze mice sperm. You can chose to hand-make them, or purchase pre-made equipment from us.

Sperm Straws, Freezing Canister, Straw Connector,

Triangular Cassette, Embryo Manipulation Instrument Set, Touch Burner, etc.


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