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EndonucleaseGTP kit

Improve residual endonuclease assays with a new EndonucleaseGTP™ ELISA Kit!

Are you using an endonuclease enzyme to eliminate all host cell nucleic acids and plasmid DNA during your viral vector or vaccine manufacturing process?  Do you know if your purification process removes residual endonuclease adequately?
Cygnus Technologies’ NEW EndonucleaseGTP ELISA Kit is the most sensitive assay (LOD ~0.06 ng/ml; LLOQ ~0.31 ng/ml) to detect and quantify residual endonuclease impurity in recombinant viral vector and vaccine preparations. Qualified for assay precision, sensitivity, and accuracy, it is suitable for the detection and quantification of Benzonase* Nuclease and DENARASE* enzymes in < 2 hours.
Don’t risk the safety of your novel gene therapy drug to a process-related impurity. Learn more about Cygnus Technologies’ NEW
EndonucleaseGTP ELISA Kit!

* Benzonase Nuclease is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA
* DENARASE is a registered trademark of c-LEcta


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