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Raise the bar in HCP Identification with Antibody Affinity Extraction & Mass Spectrometry!

Are you questioning whether any undetected HCPs pose a risk to your drug substance safety, efficacy or stability? Do you use orthogonal methods to qualify your HCP ELISA as fit for purpose of process monitoring and product lot release?


Advance your HCP analysis and de-risk your downstream purification process development with Cygnus AAE-MS Services:

HCP antibody coverage analysis by AAE-MS

Process monitoring by identifying and quantifying HCPs in process samples

Identification and quantification of hitch-hiker HCPs in final DS

Actionable insights into downstream process development and purification improvements 



See how Cygnus advanced orthogonal AAE-MS services enable detection of low-level HCPs in the presence of drug substance. Review our white paper “Antibody Affinity Extraction™ (AAE™) Empowers HCP Identification by Mass Spectrometry”


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