AAT Bioquest offers a complete set of peptide labeling reagents. This set includes the classic dyes as well as superior Tide Fluor donor dyes and Tide Quencher acceptor dyes. Tide Fluor™ dyes outperform classic peptide labeling dyes and Alexa Fluor® dyes with significant savings. The key benefits of Tide Fluor™ dyes are:


·    Stronger fluorescence intensity to enhance assay sensitivity

·    pH-insensitive and environment-insensitive fluorescence

·    Higher photostability to improve fluorescence imaging quality & increase observation time window

·    Adjustable water solubility

·    Optimized to pair with Tide Quencher dark acceptors to maximize FRET efficiency

·    A variety of reactive forms available to accommodate various conjugation techniques



Photostability comparison of Tide Fluor™ 3 vs. Alexa Fluor® 555 and Cy®3.




Tide Fluor Dyes

Compared to other fluorescent dyes alternative to fluorescein and Cy® dyes, like Alexa Fluor® and DyLight®, Tide Fluor™ dyes are much more cost-effective with comparable or better performance for your desired biological applications.



Tide Quencher Dyes

TQ dyes enable you to explore the FRET potentials that might be impossible with other quenchers.


·    Perfectly match your desired fluorescent donors

·    Versatile reactive forms

·    Competitive price with better performance



Classic Peptide Labeling Dyes

AAT Bioquest offers classic peptide labeling dyes in a variety of chemical reactivities, as well as conjugated to peptide substrates for enzyme activity assays. Choose from our comprehensive portfolio of: 


·    Coumarin and coumarin derivatives

·    Fluorescein dyes

·    Rhodamine dyes

·    Cyanine dyes



FRET Donor/Acceptor Dyes

In addition to Tide Fluor™ and Tide Quencher™ FRET pairs, we offer various combinations of classic donor and acceptor dyes. Develop FRET peptides for measuring enzyme activity, receptor-ligand interactions, colocalization studies and much more.


·    Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs)


Application Notes


·    Bright Tide Fluor™-Based Fluorescent Peptide and Their Applications in Drug Discovery and Disease Diagnosis


·    Tide Fluor™ and Tide Quechner™ Dyes, Optimized for Maximizing The Power of Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)


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