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Response of endogenous P2Y receptor to ATP in CHO-K1 cells. CHO-K1 cells were seeded overnight at 40,000 cells/100 µL/well in a 96-well black wall/clear bottom Costar plate. 100 µL of Fluo-4 AM or Calbryte™ 520 AM in HHBS with probenecid was added into the wells, and the cells were incubated at 37 °C for 45 minutes. The dye loading medium was replaced with 200 µL HHBS, 50 µL of 50 µM ATP was added, and imaged with a fluorescence microscope (Keyence) using FITC channel.




Blue-Green Fluorescent Ca2+ Indicator


Cal-500™, AM

·    A unique violet laser-excitable fluorescent calcium indicator (Ex/Em=390/500 nm)

·    Convenient for measuring calcium response using flow cytometry




Green Fluorescent Ca2+ Indicators



Calbryte™ 520, AM

·    Exceptionally brighter than any other Ca2+ indicators under the same condition

·    Greatly improved signal to background ratio in cells

·    Significantly enhanced intracellular retention (decrease or even eliminate the use of probenecid)

·    Faster cell loading (Room temperature is OK.)




Cal-520®, AM

·    Better intracellular retention in live cells

·    Higher sensitivity, much higher signal-to-background ratio than Fluo-3, AM and Fluo-4, AM

·    Convenient, almost identical spectra to those of Fluo-4, AM



Fluo-8®, AM

·    Faster, more readily loaded into cells than Fluo-3, AM and Fluo-4, AM

·    Much brighter than Fluo-3, AM and Fluo-4, AM

·    Convenient, almost identical spectra to those of Fluo-4, AM



Red Fluorescent Ca2+ Indicators



Calbryte™ 590, AM


·    A superior replacement for Calcium Orange™ and Rhod-2

·    Ten times more sensitive than Rhod-2




Calbryte™ 630, AM


·    A superior replacement for X-Rhod-1

·    Well suited for multiplex with a green fluorescent label such as iFluor™ 488, Alexa Fluor® 488 or GFP.

NIR Fluorescent Ca2+ Indicators






·    Can be conveniently detected using Cy5® detection setup

·    Have potential for multicolor imaging





·    The only NIR Ca2+ indicator that can be potentially used for in vivo imaging



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