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Introducing Proteintech's new range of human cell-expressed protein products

Humankine® Human Cell-expressed Proteins

Ideal for advanced therapies and cell culture, HumanKine recombinant proteins are created in HEK293 cells using animal-free components.

  • Endotoxin-free, Xeno-free and tag-free.
  • Native post-translational modifications and folding.
  • Higher activity and stability than proteins made from E. coli and CHO cells.





Introducing Proteintech's new NeutraKine neutralizing antibodies

Proven to be up to 100X more potent than competitor’s neutralizing antibodies.

Proteintech’s new NeutraKine neutralizing antibodies are made using Humankine® human-expressed cytokines and growth factors resulting in superior neutralizing activity and biological effects.

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ELISA kits

Achieve superior sensitivity with Proteintech's new AuthentiKine ELISA Kits

Ultra-sensitive kits ideal for measuring minute quantities of human serum factors.

Proteintech's new range of Authentikine ELISA kits are the only kits made using human proteins from state-of-the-art Humankine® human cell-expressed cytokines and growth factors. 

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