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Bio X Cell, antibodies for in vivo research

All Bio X Cell products are discounted for Academia Customers!

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Let’s try Glucagon kits! We offer you 30% on Mercodia glucagon kits during November and December 2019! Promotion valid on 10-1271-01 and 10-1281-01. *max 3 kits per customer
Use the code DBA3019 when ordering.

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Proteintech promotion

Order any two 150ul antibodies and add an extra two 20ul trial size antibodies to your order completely free.
Simply use the code GBUY2TRIAL when ordering.
Choose from antibodies against over 12,000+ targets, all manufactured and validated by in-house scientists.
Offer ends 31/12/19.

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St. John's Lab Promotion

Choose from more than 13,000 primary antibodies, with STJ9 and STJ19 prefixes. Receive a free Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L) antibody (HRP)[STJ99506] when you purchase any 3 x 100uL STJ9/STJ19 primary antibody.

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Vector laboratories Promotion

20% discount until 20th December on: ImmPRESS PLUS kits

Highly sensitive, ready-to-use, polymerized peroxidase-based detection system.
The "Plus" kits contains BLOXALL Endogenous Enzyme Blocking Solution and ImmPACT DAB EqV Substrate
More products discounted

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BioSB TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker

BioSB TintoRetriever Pressure Cooker

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Santa Cruz Biotechnology

Santa Cruz ImmunoCruz® Antibody Conjugates

Promozione Santa Cruz

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Promozione Prodotti CloudClone

Sconti su tutti gli ELISA kit

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Abnova: FISH Probes vs mutaFISH™ Probes

MutaFish probes

FISH Probes

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SERVICE di SINTESI e di ANALISI dei vostri campioni


Oltre 5000 peptidi in catalogo di cui più di 200 rari ed esclusivi, la + ampia selezione di peptidi per lo studio di malattie neurodegenerative, substrati per kinase, phosphatase e phoshopeptidi, FRET e fluorescent peptides.


SignalChem’s compound selectivity profiling service utilizes a large and diverse panel of highly active protein kinase and phosphatase targets that are produced internally. SignalChem’s active targets are subjected to rigorous quality control analyses and are extensively assayed against a panel of biologically relevant substrates ensuring that all reactions are performed under optimal assay conditions


Service per analisi riproducibili e quantitative di biomarkers con multiplexed immunoassay: pannelli completi di analisi a partire da 40 uL di campione (siero, plasma, urine, omogenato tissutale, fluidi biologici in genere) per analizzare sino a 189 proteine (human discovery map panel ) o pannelli più ridotti a seconda del pathway di vostro interesse. ( Human , Mouse & rat )

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Oligonucleotidi, Real-Time PCR, Peptidi (Amiloidi, Chinasi, peptidi fluorescenti e FRET), Anticorpi, Biochemicals

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